Garden Themed Easter Ideas

Garden Themed Easter gifts are so much fun! They encourage children to get outside, explore, and learn about the world around them. Gifts that encourage children to stretch themselves just a little or offer exciting discoveries are usually the most fun.

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Babies love to explore, depending on the age of the baby, here are a few toys that encourage exploration and are outdoor themed. I haven’t tried these exact toys, but we loved Skip Hop toys when our children were small and had different wooden toys similar to the ones linked below. Our children loved al of them so much so am sure others would enjoy them too.

Toddler & Preschooler

Easter is a perfect time to give children outdoor play toys. Things like bikes or water tables are great gifts. If you’re okay with your children getting messy frequently, creating an outdoor mud kitchen is a great way to encourage creativity and exploration of nature. (the book is free on kindle).

Other great toddler gift ideas include their own small sized garden tools and/or gloves. Seeds, planters, or plants are also wonderful gifts.

All Ages, Grows with Child

The Julia Rothman collection is both gorgeous and informative. The pictures in these books are absolutely amazing and there’s so much information about so many different topics. There’s animal and tree identification as well as so many different pictures labeled to help learn tool names and types of farm buildings. You can find recipes and instructions to make a cornhusk doll, rugs, or quilts.

The Julia Rothman Collection: Farm Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, And Food Anatomy

Last year we made our own dolls from our own cornhusks. I’m not sure I ever saw a kiddo more proud of herself as when our daughter followed the directions and made that little doll (almost) all on her own.

All Ages

The Secret Garden

Another option that’s perfect for children of all ages is a copy of The Secret Garden. This is one of my favourite books and is absolutely perfect for spring. I’d pair this with some flowers or flower seeds for a child’s garden.

Don’t be afraid of getting a chapter book for younger children. Many young children will listen to a book being read aloud.

School Age

Children who grow their own food are more likely to eat it. They’re also more likely to want to help you cook – which in turn means they eat an even wider variety of foods. A mini kitchen garden is the perfect gift for an older child.


These gardens could be good for a smaller child, if you transplanted to a larger pot once they sprout. I find the smaller the pot, the harder time a toddler or preschooler has keeping it alive.

5 to 10 year olds

Our youngest two kiddos, aged 5 and 8, love exploring their world. They love science kits and also love anything that helps them learn more about nature.

The Green Kid Crafts crates offer opportunities to learn and explore and are designed to allow children to succeed on the projects on their own. The Botany Box and and Interesting Insects Box are both great garden related gifts that encourage children to take their learning outside and explore even more.

I’m so excited about these crates! I love that someone else created the plan and organized the supplies for the craft, plus it offers ideas for further learning and exploring.

School Age or Adult

If you’d like a great gift for an older child, or even an adult, then these propagation planters are perfect!

They’re also perfect for air plants, or any small plant, and they look so pretty in any room.

I love these because it’s easy to hang them out of my cat’s reach. I’ve lost too many clippings to my cats.

I hope you like these gift ideas! Drop a comment below and let me know what you think of these gift ideas!

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