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    Garden Themed Easter Ideas

    Garden Themed Easter gifts are so much fun! They encourage children to get outside, explore, and learn about the world around them. Gifts that encourage children to stretch themselves just a little or offer exciting discoveries are usually the most fun. Infant Babies love to explore, depending on the age of the baby, here are a few toys that encourage exploration and are outdoor themed. I haven’t tried these exact toys, but we loved Skip Hop toys when our children were small and had different wooden toys similar to the ones linked below. Our children loved al of them so much so am sure others would enjoy them too. Toddler…

  • children in the garden

    Children in the Garden

    The garden is a place of make believe and magic. It’s filled with hope and success, and so many opportunities to learn. A parent that welcomes their child to the garden opens the door to connection and love. Children in the garden experience wonder and joy and an immense sense of accomplishment.