Welcome to Edmonton Family Gardener! I’m Sarah Langner. I have a passion for growing and connecting with others. I’ve had my own garden for as long as I can remember.

I’ve grown in zones 3, 4, 5, and 9. They all have their own special personalities, strengths, as wells limitations. As much as I love growing citrus and tropicals, zone 3/4 gardening offers a special kind of opportunity that I absolutely love.

There’s something to be said for gardeners that put their heart and soul into tomato seedlings and pushing the limitations of their growing zone as much as possible.

I have 8 different varieties of roses in my garden, some hardy, some tender. In my city lot I also have 2 plum trees, 2 apple trees, 2 cherry, saskatoons, raspberries, blackberries, lingonberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn (I need to apologize to my neighbour about that one!!), rhubarb, currants, gooseberries, as well as several edible flowers. I plant vegetables amongst the rest of my garden. All summer long our family forages for food in the garden and life is good.

I grew up in a magical place. The garden was always the height of magic for me. It’s so important to me to share that magic and wonder with my children. One day they’ll grow up and wonder if the fairies in the garden were really real, or a figment of their imagination. I hope they’ll never be fully certain. I hope they’ll grow into the kind of adults who find magic and wonder everywhere they look. I hope they grow to find peace in the garden.